Key business areas

Focus has three key areas to its business.
The development of niche medicines, the
management of a portfolio of branded and
generic medicines and the acquisition or
in-licensing of such products.

Company latest

News and press

April 2015

Focus successful in UK litigation against Novartis concerning VolezeĀ® Rivastigmine Transdermal Patches
  • Product Development

    Focus takes a market led approach to product selection. It identifies niche prescription-only products which fit its criterion, and then develops a return model based on potential sales… Go to section

  • Portfolio management

    This is generated by utilising Focus to manage the sales of their products through its sales channels. Focus manages a range of niche Brand and Generic Pharmaceuticals for other companies… Go to section

  • Product Acquisition

    Product Acquisition Focus prefers to acquire niche prescription-only medicines…
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