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Focus takes a market led approach to product selection. It identifies niche prescription-only products which fit its criterion, and then develops a return model based on potential sales.

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April 2015

Focus successful in UK litigation against Novartis concerning VolezeĀ® Rivastigmine Transdermal Patches

Its technical team will then assess the cost of bringing the product to market, it will then initiate the projects which provide the greatest potential returns. Once a product has been identified as an ideal candidate for development, the product will be accessed through one of the following routes:

* Own Development – Focus will use a contract development house to provide a bespoke development of a desired product formulation.

* In-licensing – Focus will acquire the UK rights to products developed by third party companies.

* Partnership – Focus will partner with a third party company to bring to market a desired product. The route selected will be based on finding the most cost efficient and fastest route to market whilst maintaining the very high standards that UK and European Regulatory Authorities require for Pharmaceuticals. The Focus Technical Team has the expertise and experience to advise and manage the development of various pharmaceutical forms, from formulation through to clinical study and submission to the relevant Authorities. Focus is now considered the development partner of choice for many companies in the sector due to its independence and track record of delivering long term returns for its partners.

The Focus management has extensive knowledge, experience and relationships that help bring the product to market through the optimal route. This ensures that the pipeline is strong at all times and covers all areas of pharmaceutical forms from liquids, semi-solids, sprays to solid dose.